Lately, we realised that Ben is only ever really happy when he gets to cook things. This of course mystifies me completely, as I never really feel the need to cook anything at all, but all the same, we decided that in this city of amazingly priced (and delicious) eating out, we would see if we could try to do some amazingly priced eating in for a change.
Asparagus season
The Union Square Market is a feel-good kind of place I think, especially when the sun comes out. The farmers get to sell without a middleman, the buyers get to buy without a middleman and also get the added bonus of making the farmers happy, while the produce you can buy there is incredibly good. 

Little dogs padded around, a stallholder called me over to chat about my AE-1 (which was nice, although initially I thought he was going to tell me off for photographing the flowers he was selling), baskets were filled with amazing things and there were lots of virtuous paper bags everywhere. It's a world away from the double-bagging-addicted supermarket down the street from our apartment in Bushwick.

Anyway, it seems it is asparagus season at the moment. So that's what we bought. We also bought some San Francisco sourdough bread, as I read somewhere (annoyingly I can't remember where) that the natural yeast in the air in San Francisco makes the best sourdough starter and the tastiest loaf. I can't vouch for how San Franciscan this loaf really was, given that we are coasts apart, but it was easily the nicest sourdough I've had.
Grade AA
So we ate in. Asparagus and poached eggs and sourdough and butter, and it was delicious, and quite grounding. The number of mac & cheese variations that I am yet to try out might put a stop to it for now though – you just can't get mac & cheese like the mac & cheese in New York.


  1. oh my word! such a perfect summer dish, I think I will have to add it to this week's menu.

  2. The last picture is making me drool a bit. It looks sooooo good.

  3. Ah..I thought you are in my city! But yes, the sourdough bread here is quiet tasty. You guys should come and visit. :)

    And oh, that last photo made me hungry.

  4. Like the others I am inspired by that last photo! I've been trying to make fresh, simple meals this week and somehow forgot until now how much I love asparagus and eggs.

    So glad you're loving New York! Looks like some pretty weather is coming our way this week.

  5. My guy is the same - he loves to cook and finds it super relaxing! I'm definitely the opposite! ; )

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  6. Everything looks so fresh and good, I'm drooling over the last image. I would love to have someone around me who could cook, and liked doing it. I don't like cooking either, but I do love baking (which in my head, is completely different, of course).

  7. Oh, I bloody love your blog I do! I can just lose myself in your photos, they are divine, you seem to always write about and photograph stuff I love. xxx


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