Most days I commute backwards – I live in the city and drive to the countryside, while all the more conventional workers speed past me in the opposite direction.

Lately I've been driving past these beautiful corn fields, all overrun with poppies, and have been desperate to stop and take photographs. On Saturday, I went back along my commute route and went for a wander through the fields beside the road. We had summer for a day, and I like to take advantage of these things.

Poppies & Thunder

I'm delighted with this dress from Mango – I've mentioned before how much I like their recent change of direction and move into a niche I've been desperate for someone to fill for a long time. Their designs are pretty and practical, with clean classic cuts that are cut for the shapely rather than the pre-twenties, as this New York Times article agrees.

My lovely new Thunder in our Hearts tote officially begins its summer service, and announces what I always try to keep in mind when I'm driving along with the rat race on my way to the office.


  1. I love this series of pictures so much! I have dreams of fields of poppys. That 4th one, ugh!

  2. how cool that you get to drive past these everyday! i'm pretty sure we don't have poppy fields like this in australia (or if we do, i certainly don't get to see them) so i was very excited when i saw them all in europe.

  3. I agree that MNG has a much, much better line now. It used to be all sparkles and black party clothes and now they've got some great navy, red, black classics AND some great floral prints. I bought my first pair of MNG trousers for the first time in a decade last month, in two colours!

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  4. Wow a lovely start to a work moring. Even if it is going to work.

  5. What a beautiful drive to work, those poppies are amazing! And the dress is gorgeous :)

  6. All are Amazing! I also like that floral print and thanks for sharing very beautiful pictures.
    hostess a milano

  7. Gorgeous! We have the same tote too! xx

  8. oh my goodness, so lovely! i love your dress. i must visit my local MNG store to check our their summer dresses!

  9. you look so pretty - I don't know what's prettier: your dress, the bag, or the poppies.


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