Postcards from Japan

Apparently, if you visit Japan, it's very easy to get very caught up in the wild atmosphere of buying things – which I suppose is what we all do here in December – the Japanese just keep that intensity up over the whole year, which sounds quite stressful.

So say our friends who came back from Japan a few weeks ago, anyway. Benjamin and I looked after their wild cat who chases her own tail while they were away, and they brought these things back for us. Faced with shops full of such sweet things, I'm not sure I could control myself at all in Japan.

Characterful Cat

Gifts from Japan

Snow Puss

The little puss paperweight at the top is so characterful. I could take photographs of him all day. The book is amazing – I'm easily seduced by Japanese book bindings. It's almost better that I can't understand the captions.


  1. This book seems good ! I love cats and other animals.I collect everything about cat What is the english name of this book? If it has one.

  2. what nice gifts! i've never been to japan, but i can understand going on a buying frenzy, and i'm sure i'd do the same thing if i went!

  3. that's such a cute hat. I would love to go to Japan. You have such a lovely blog : )

  4. Japan and Korea, too -- they are so good at the cat things game!


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