Bramble Jelly & Scones

Scones & Bramble Jelly

Blustery early autumn and its abundance of fruit, nourished by sunshine all summer and weighing on the ends of heavy branches by September, inspires me to start baking more than any other season. There isn't really any choice – there's more fruit to be picked than anyone could ever eat, and it would be terrible to let it go to waste. I already have a bag full of Bramley apples waiting to be tarte tatin-ed, and am terrified that they'll spoil before I get around to it.

Crumbles and pies are great desserts to make with autumn fruit, but I really like the idea of being able to preserve a little bit of summer in a little jar for the winter. Bramble (blackberry if you are anywhere other than Scotland) and apple jelly is the perfect way! This jelly is amazing on floury homemade scones or thick toast, especially if you, like me, still childishly dislike the 'bits' in jam.

I made the jelly and the scones last week – they are so smooth and creamy together – and now I have three little jars of summer all stored up, squirrel like.

The recipe, in case you fancy it, is on my Tumblr.


  1. I love scones and your blog. The former look smooth and light, which is more than what I can say for the scones turned rock cakes I made. I think I left them too long in the oven. When I read posts like these I wish I lived in England. Proper Devonshire cream is well nigh impossible to find in Asia.

    A from A + B in the Sea

  2. Oh, this looks so delicious. I love biscuits and scones with jam.

    P.S. It's a Stratfordshire Scotch decanter tag that was turned into a necklace!

    Lulu Letty

  3. Ummmm Yummy, they look delicious! :)

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, and yes that Modcloth skirt is gorgeous, shame it was already sold out before I even found it :( xxx



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