This Week...

... I have mostly been ... well, baking actually, and not in the American East Coast heatwave kind of way either (I wish). I love baking cakes not least because creaming sugar and butter by hand seems to be quite a workout for me (I am one of the generally weakest people I know) but just because if it works out, it's fun to share the spoils.

It was Ben's birthday on Tuesday, and although our current frugal living regime doesn't stretch to much, I decided that it could stretch to a slightly pricier cake – his favourite – carrot cake. This is a recipe that I have made before and hilariously won a cake competition with (long story) and although it does take exactly forever, it is worth it. If you fancy making it, the recipe can be found here. I usually miss out the orange peel and orange juice though as I think the mixture is moist enough already and I squeeze the grated carrot to death. The icing is absolutely amazing but the candles come separately – why do they only make them with holders enough for twelve?!


I've also had a hankering for Empire Biscuits. They are relatively old fashioned fare I think – as you can probably surmise from the name – but I used to eat them when I was little, or buy them from grannies who baked at village sales of work. They are basically two pieces of shortbread with raspberry jam in the middle and icing on the top, with a glace cherry in the middle. As I don't know anyone who likes glace cherries, I just put a dollop of raspberry jam in the middle. The recipe can be found on my Tumblr.


  1. I LOVE glace cherries! I think I am the only one though...

  2. Oh man, I LOVE empire biscuits, I used to have them all the time when I was little. I can never find them in England though??

  3. Jo – You are the only person I know who does. I'll know where to come next time I have a cherry bakewell.

    Lyndsay – I think they have kind of gone out of fashion. They were MUCH sweeter this time round than I remember them being though, so perhaps that's why!

  4. lovely! i am now following you on tumblr.

    xo Alison

  5. I eat everyone's glace cherries!


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