My name is Siubhan (shi-u-van), which is a Scottish Gaelic name that no one can pronounce. I grew up on the Isle of Islay, the southernmost of the Inner Hebrides in Scotland, where no one could say it, and now I live in London, where no one can say it either.

I work as a freelance copywriter, but I spend lots of time daydreaming about articles that I would like to write one day.

I take the majority of the photographs here, usually with a Canon 400D. I sometimes use a film camera too, which is a Pentax MZ-50, or lately, a Canon AE-1.

I started this blog in March 2010 to see if I could find a new direction and improve my writing. The whole tale is here.

I love being involved in other projects, and I also love to be asked questions, so if you ever want to ask me one, please do get in touch, my email is siubhan(at)talk21(dot)com.

All of my photographs are copyright to me, and I would ask that you always credit and link them back here if you ever want to use them on your blog. If your blog has a lot of big-name advertising on it, I would ask that you send me an email first. If you want to use one for any other purpose, please email me for rates/barter.